Equiniti International Payments targets the travel industry

Wed 30 Sep 2015

Targeting the travel industry at the Group Leisure & Travel Show

Equiniti International Payments will be exhibiting at the Group Leisure & Travel Show at Birmingham NEC on Thursday 22nd October, presenting its international payments solution to a host of businesses across the travel industry.

Digital technology has refined the way businesses operate in the travel and leisure sector, and for organisations operating globally, it must be made as easy and efficient as possible for customers to pay in their local currency without creating undue exposure to currency fluctuations and risk potential cost implications.

Equiniti International Payments' Multi-Currency-Pricing + (MCP+) solution allows both B2C and B2B travel businesses to sell to their customers in local currency whilst negating foreign currency risk. MCP+ ensures that an exchange rate is locked in when a customer makes a purchase and is guaranteed through to the final settlement with suppliers; ensuring that profit margins are locked in on a per purchase basis.

The Equiniti International Payments team will be exhibiting on stand 335 to provide more information about how its global payments platform can help save time and money for travel organisations.

Find out more about the show here.