Payroll mishaps cost FTSE100 millions each year

Mon 14 Dec 2015

A recent report revealed that payroll mishaps are costing FTSE100 companies up to £30m per company every year

According to a study of 193 global organisations, the payroll problems are arising as a result of the increasingly global nature of today’s workforces, as individuals’ statuses need to be tracked across a variety of different tax regimes.

With 89% of companies surveyed planning to increase the global mobility of their workforce, the problem is set to increase.

Organisations are struggling with the rising complexity of payroll payments as workforces are becoming more and more globalised. Payroll errors are not only costly but can also damage an organisation's reputation.

A study earlier this year discovered that payroll errors have additional implications on organisations, with 35% revealing they would look out for a new job if their employer failed to pay them correctly even once, and 44% saying that being paid late or incorrectly would lower their levels of job enjoyment.

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