Remove FX risk on global online transactions

In the highly competitive online retail marketplace, it is important for retailers to offer transparent pricing and a seamless consumer payment experience, and this includes allowing the consumer to pay in their local currency.

Statistics reveal that by not offering pricing in local currencies, consumers are less likely to complete the purchase, as the value that they will be charged is unknown and not guaranteed.

EQGlobal's Multi-Currency Pricing with Guaranteed Rates solution allows UK retailers to not only offer the consumer an upfront local currency cost, but also ensures that the value of the retailer’s product is secured. 

How it works:

Key Benefits of MCP:

  • Improves customer experience through local currency payments

  • Helps merchants expand to new international markets

  • Removes foreign exchange risks on international sales

  • Generates a new income stream through FX income

EQGlobal's MCP uses an API to feed daily exchange rates into the front end of your eCommerce interface. It is a system which is entirely automated and ensures minimal maintenance.


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