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Often, the risks associated with global payments are high, the process can be complicated and slow, and internal resources are too stretched to handle it efficiently or cost-effectively.

EQGlobal provides a comprehensive international payments and foreign exchange solution for financial services companies and their clients, utilising our proprietary technology platform, PayFac.

We make cross-border payments simple and cost-effective, and because of our partnership with major global banking partners, we have access to an impressive 180 countries and 130 currencies around the world.

We eliminate the complexity around the global payments process, providing additional revenue streams for financial services companies by opening up new global markets to new and existing clients.

Key benefits:

  • Instant access to extended range of 130 currencies, above and beyond most financial institutions' capabilities 
  • Expanded ACH payment network, reducing payment costs
  • Increased income stream via revenue share across a broader range of currencies
  • Significant cost saving as banking network and technology platform maintained by EQGlobal and its partner organisations
  • Minimal IT development required - simple integration without costly investment
  • Greater automation, accuracy and STP means fewer returns and investigation costs
  • White label corporate platform as a clear value-add and market differentiator


Payment solutions for Supply Chain Finance Institutions.

Choose from a range of payment solutions to support collections and payables for your clients. 

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