Payroll and Mass Payments

Delivering mass global payments with ease and efficiency

When running global payroll or distributing mass payments, timeliness and simplicity is key. We remove the friction and complications associated with mass global payments and ensure a smooth and simple payments process which is completely reliable and secure.

Despite the challenges associated with shifting legislation and local bank requirements, which can often cause delayed or rejected payments, EQGlobal's expertise and in-country knowledge assures reduced error rates and a more streamlined payments process.

Our technology was built specifically for bulk international payments and offers in-built adherence to local payment regulations. Missing information is flagged up before a payment is sent; minimising rejections and delays.

In partnership with global banking partners, EQGlobal can access more clearing houses than most other UK providers. Where it is not possible to make payments via ACH, EQGlobal can make payments via Wire Transfer.

What are the main challenges facing global payroll?

Read our white paper on the main issues facing the global payroll industry.

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