Technology can often be complicated to use and the risks can be high if the system isn’t completely secure and reliable.

EQGlobal is a complete global payments solution powered by our cutting-edge proprietary cloud-based foreign exchange and payment platform PayFac. 

Working to simplify the payments process using powerful technology and reducing the requirement for costly resources, we provide peace of mind for organisations by offering a simple solution which is completely secure. PayFac offers full payment control and visibility to the client within a secure and compliant environment.

PayFac allows you to securely transact international payments in just a few clicks. With built-in features that ensure compliance with in-country payment regulations, PayFac ensures a high level of accuracy on payment delivery and works in synergy with existing accounting systems directly via an API, resulting in a seamless payment process.

Key features of PayFac:

  • Secure access with data transfer between end user and the system encrypted over https

  • Wide global reach providing access to 130 wire currencies with payment delivery to over 180 countries 
  • Low cost payment ACH and EUR SEPA payment delivery in over 60 countries
  • IBAN, SWIFT and Bank Code validation with payment default setting for three-click payment processing
  • Country payment rules engine that delivers over 99% STP accuracy at point of entry

  • Extract payment data with delimited file download wizard that allows you to extract only the data you need in your desired format

  • Multi-currency guaranteed exchanges rates via API supporting international e-commerce sales
  • Currency exposure risk management with fixed and open dated delivery forward contracts
  • Allow payees to maintain bank details, and upload and download documents through Beneficiary Self Service and Document Management capabilities



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